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718 MBs


Hi, has anyone got any experience in making up a combo set from the MBs and the T-MBs? Looking at going 6i-PW with the MBs and 3i-5i with the T-MBs and was just wondering on loft gapping, difference in ball flight etc. Any help much appreciated, Thanks

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  1. 19hole

    You would need to definitely make a loft adjustment at the change point.

    Another option would be a hybrid for the 3 iron/4 iron then goto CBs and finally MBs.

    I use a CB for the 5&6 and then MB for the 7-PW.
  2. David M

    I just bought 7-PW on the MB. My 5 and 6 iron are T-MB.

    Once I spend some time on my SkyTrak and nail down average distances---I'll have the MB irons adjusted.

    My primary issue was wanting to work the ball with the MB irons. I can do it with the 5 and 6 T-MB.

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