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New 718 Irons and 818 Hybrids


I recd my new 718 AP1, AP2 and AP3 irons about two ago and have played multiple rounds with them thus far. My conclusions are the following:

AP1: I love the new more large cavity in back with longer irons plus the sound and feel are much better plus they go a mile! AP2: The smaller look with more solid feel at contact are just two improvements I am really enjoying with these irons. The forgiveness also seems to be even better than the previous model if this is possible! AP3: new iron model so no comparisons to previous model however I like the look especially when paired with the AP2 irons. Very forgiving, even more than the AP2 plus the distance is amazing. I really like the sound as well, definitely more firm than the soft AP2's but overall a much better feel than the AP1's if that has historically been an issue to a player.

818 Hybrids I have had about a week and I love the new feel, far more solid feel and sound, plus EASIER to hit off the turf. A more compact looking shape at address gives the player confidence over the ball without a doubt.

Overall, if you have not hit these you should get out immediately and try them! I have already sold my 716 irons since the 718's are a step up. Congrats Titleist! I think you have another win in these irons and hybrids.

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  1. Rich T

    Great to hear! I made my Titleist Thursday appointment for next week and can not wait.
  2. Ryan A

    Thanks for the feedback - I was fit Sunday (9/10) at a Titleist event at Carl's in Plymouth MI for the 818 H1 (Tensei Blue) and 718 AP1 (AMT White) and was amazed at the gains I saw from the irons and how easy it was to launch the 818. Looking forward to putting them in play at the end of the month!
  3. Speedy

    That's awesome Chris, nice write up but gotta ask, why did you get AP1, 2 and 3s? That's an interesting mix set...
  4. Justin V

    Thanks for the review!! As always, Titleist continues to take something that everyone thinks cant be improved, and stretches the limits of innovation to make them better. I'm still in love with my 714 AP2s, but got fitted for an AP3 5 and 4 iron and it makes the middle of the bag aand transition to my 3 hybrid almost seamless. When can these be ordered? I'm hoping I can get them into the bag ASAP! :)
  5. Don O

    ...Now. Delivery will occur on or after 9/29.

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