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Possible caved in 917D3 Face

David D


I am not too sure if someone can answer this or not, but I was wondering how does Titleist test customers driver face to see if it is caved in or not?



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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Is there a visible crack? Take some pictures and attach to this thread
  2. 19hole

    David, I believe that they have a quite a number of special testing tool that are used during production that could be used on a returned driver.

    If the face on your driver has collapsed, it will be pretty obvious when you look at it. The normal face has a definite bulge and roll to it. It it has failed it will either be very flat or actually concave.

    In the last 30 years I have only seen it happen once.
  3. Edward K

    19hole is right, as I have a bulge/roll gauge from years ago when I did some "amateur at best" refinishing persimmon. I have a World Long Drive guy in my little circle, and I've seen several of his destroyed drivers. And you can't buy those clubs off the shelf. You'd know right away if there was a major issue. Of course, he swings 145+ mph.....
  4. David D

    Thanks everyone.

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