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MB irons

William D

Does anybody hit just a complete set of MB irons? I see that many people hit the shorter clubs, but mix in CBs or TMBs with the longer irons? When someone gets fitted, are the numbers that much different with the longer irons? Or are they just too hard to hit consistently.

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  1. CKoetter

    It's all about what you want to get out of the set. I have 4-5 TMB and 6-P MB. For me personally the 4-5 MB's felt clunky and I was not getting the correct launch angle consistently. I tried out the TMB's and they gave me what I was looking for so I went with them and haven't looked back. I have buddies who have 3-P or 3-9 in the full set and love them. So if the MB's feel right to you and the fitter confirms the data, then go MB's all the way. Just make sure you make the decision with a certified fitter and you'll love what you get.
  2. kbsmth

    I play a full bag of MB 712 right now, 3-P. I will occasionally swap out my 3-iron for a driving 3-iron depending the course I am playing. It fits the way I like to play the ball and feel like it allows me to be more accurate with my shots, compared to when I play a hybrid or driving iron for just 'getting it there'. I'm not sure if it is tied to swing speed, or the mechanics of the swing itself, but I've played with much better ball strikers and players who score better than myself who struggle to get the 3-4 irons to launch high enough to warrant keeping it in the bag.

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