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Tinkering with Weights?

Ryan P

A little over a month ago I was fitted for 917D and was pleased first two rounds after the fitting how I was driving the ball. Then about four rounds in a row I was seemingly hitting everything right (was set up for fade bias to avoid my natural hook miss). I had two big tournaments coming up and so I switched the weight inside from fade to neutral - and have been amazed with results. Last few rounds have been the best driving period of my life - last Tuesday night in my league hit 6 of 7 fairways - very rare for me.

Led me to wonder - how often have other users tinkered with the weights in their driver head? I rarely have time for range balls, so nearly all of my tinkering happens on the course, hence my hesitation - but curious as to what others are doing?

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    I had a similar situation with my 917D. I had the draw weight in to combat my slice. After a few months into the golf season this spring, I changed to a neutral weight and made a slight adjustment in the hosel setting (higher launch with a slight closed face) and had similar results. Being the "old man" in our group (56 compared to 40 somethings), I was consistently in the fairway more often and longer.
  2. Don O

    Long story, but the short answer is I have moved from draw to neutral to fade. Besides being grounds for a DQ to change in play, I'd suggest doing it on the range. You only get 14 or less strokes during a round, so your sample size of the effect of a change can be be the wrong interpretation. Other than that, they are adjustable to accommodate to small changes in your swing.

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