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specifying Titleist clubs


would like to have full set of Titleists, but trying to put together MY combination instead of the typical set & don't mind last yr's models to save on total costs, & not one that needs the latest & greatest. so this what i would like & asking FORUM IF possible? trying for a 4° differential throughout: driver thru LW 915 D2 12° 45.5" shaft 915F 16° 915H 20° (= my 3I) & 24°(=my4I) 716 AP2: 5i 28°, 6i 32°, 7i 36°, 8i 40°, 9i 44° Vokeys: PW 48°-8° F, GW 52°-8° F, SW 56°-12° S or K??, LW 60°-10° M or L?? SC Select Newport 2: 4°, 33"

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  1. Kenneth C

    Yes, it is possible to order a completely custom set of golf clubs. You can specify lie, loft, length, etc. Your local golf shop, or, pro should be able to assist you. Or, you can order it through the internet, most online shops have a customize option, which will allow you pick the spec's you want.
  2. Tom C.

    It's possible, but perhaps not optimal. I would suggest focusing on yardage gaps vs. strict 4 degree differentials.
  3. sfried

    kenneth, appreciate reply. i do know i can order complete customized set; however, my question was whether that was possible re: last year's models (915D2, 915F, 915H, 716 AP2, Vokey SM5's, SC Select Newport 2)???? purchasing the latest & greatest would obviously involve custom fitting + set which would come to $3,500. as i mentioned, don't have to have the most recent, BUT seems all the sites i visited do not have even the minimum. for ex. trying to see availability of Vokey SM5 wedges (PW-GW-SW-LW) as to loft/bouce/grind, next to impossible??
  4. sfried

    tommy 56, thx for your comment, & does make a good point. my goal os to pretty much cover the gamut & it seemed logical (to me) using a 4 degree guideline achieves that goal. interestingly, observing Titleists iron specs, they come close, but vary. for ex. their 718 AP2 4i: 24 degrees - 5i: 27 degrees - 6i: 30 degrees, then begins their 4 degree differential to 9i @ 42 degrees......
  5. Kenneth C

    You are correct, 915's SM5's look like they are impossible to order. The 716's should still be possible, but, they might soon disappear, too. good luck
  6. Tom C.

    Typically, a 4 degree progression through the irons will yield consistent yardage gaps. As you move into your hybrids and fairways, there are other factors in play that can also affect real-world yardage gaps ... shaft length, shaft construction, hotter faces, etc. Also, some players may naturally experience larger or smaller yardage gaps at the top end or bottom end of their bag, despite similar loft gaps. The key is to find what works best for your game.
  7. sfried

    kenneth, sadly, u are correct. odd, in that SM5's are fairly recent, same w/the 716 AP2's. i would have assumed, they would be a number of Titleist owners who would ditch their SM5's & 716 AP2's and trade up to SM6's & the newly released 718 AP2's???? i do see many 915 D2's, 915F's, some 915H's offerings. problem with finding wedges is the customized aspect. as for the SC Newport 2, no previous year models?????
  8. sfried

    tommy, all good points. i guess the good news for me is i seem to be at an approx 10yd differential from 3i Hybrid through LW. give-or-take small incremental differences, i'm willing to give up being too exacting & feel the 4 degree differentials i am thinking of, from driver (16 degree)-to-LW (60 degree) pretty much connects all the dots (for me). thx for reply.

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