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AP3 in the bag

Chris H

Played my first round this morning with my 718 AP3s and could not be happier!! Straight to the course without a range session and had a great run around the track. These are everything I hoped for and look forward to sharing more feedback as I swing them in the weeks and months to come. Thank you Titleist!!!

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  1. Daniel S

    NICE !
  2. Rich T

    Great to see good results. What iron were you playing previously?
  3. Chris H

    Hi Rich,

    I was playing the 716 CBs before I switched and loved the feedback they gave...just came to the reality that I don't always hit the center of the clubface :) and could use the extra help! Can't wait to get them back on the course this week.
  4. Cavman

    Congrats. They look really smart. Have also ordered the AP3s. Am coming from a less forgiving club (miz MP-29) like you. Looking forward to the bigger sweet spot of the AP3s and hopeful that the feel is not too dissimilar from the forged feel of the MP-29s. Would love to hear your assessment of the "feel" of the AP3s vs the CBs. Thanks and congrats again.
  5. Chris H

    Hi Cavman,

    Thanks for your feedback! I've played 3 rounds with them so far, and these are just my takes, but the 8-P seem to go a half club longer than the CBs and feel great. The 4-7 go almost a full club longer and feel good, unless you pure one, then they feel similar. The mishits feel like mishits, but don't fly like total mishits...I have hit a few shots that I thought were goners, but stayed straight and in play where I'd have thought OB for sure based on feel...very forgiving. Couldn't feel more confident over the ball now.

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