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Iron choice


Hey guys I have a 6 iron swing speed of 98mph and am looking into new irons. I have always preferred blades but have been told to try something easier to hit. I currently play miz mp 64 and don't care for them. I am looking for a change. I've been told the ap2 would not be good for me due to swing speed but I'm not sure why necessarily. Any info or input is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Barry B

    Go get fit by a qualified Titleist fitter and see what works the best for you. When you go through the fitting you'll be able to try multiple models (AP2, AP3, CBs, etc...) with multiple shafts to see which gives you the best's the only way to get the correct answer.
  2. Daniel S

    What about the new AP3 ??? players club with some forgiveness the blend of AP1 & AP2 = awesome clubs ! (next on my purchase list )
  3. Peter M

    Wow, 98MPH for 6 iron is fast! However, AP2 is the most played TT iron on the Tours by pros. I guess, some of the guys swing even harder... I am sure AP2 should be fine for you from this aspect, as long as you find a right shaft for you. Get fitted, there is a plenty of shafts to choose from. And perhaps they would also advice you, which long irons would maybe be better to take from AP3 or TMB...
  4. Chris B

    hello jschott,

    the only suggestion I have is to locate a certified Titleist fitter in your area to see what club that helps your game the most. I am looking at a combo set of AP3 and AP2'S
  5. Don O

    Amazing how many cliches in golf just don't go away. If your trusted fitter didn't tell you what you can't use, then it ...might not be true... Speed is only one factor and hardly the primary determining factor for an AP2. If it works for Jordan... The only cliche I'll suggest is the AP1 offset may be too hard for you to keep from pulling to a hook.
  6. 19hole

    That is the average 3 iron clubhead speed on the PGA Tour. If your numbers are from a Trackman, you really need the expertise of a factory Titleist fitter (get to a Titleist Thursday!!!) to get to the proper clubhead and shaft combination.

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