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My AP1 Iron fitting


I just thought I would share my story as I know some people are looking for information on making a decision on which AP Iron is best for them. I have 716 AP2 irons now and I am a 8 handicap, 50 years old. I really like these irons but I have noticed that my distances compared to other guys with similar ability I am playing with was lacking. I went to a fitting and found that my ball speed and distance with the AP2 had me hitting a 6 iron with about 135 yard carry (really, this made my 8 iron pretty much useless). On the course I did find that I was clubbing up quite a bit and that I was surprised that some of my irons were coming up short. I had an open mind for the fitting and found that the 718 AP1 seem to fit the bill. They have really changed the look of them, they don't look super GI to me. My ball speed went up 20 mph and my carry for a 6 averaged 150 and all the other numbers looked good. The feel of the AP1 has also improved and was not clicky. We will see what happens on the course when they get here but I hope this helps.

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  1. Barry B

    It's certainly hard to argue against a club when you see the results right on the spot. I'm waiting for my AP1s right now and hope they get here in the next week or so.

    Best of luck with your new irons when they arrive!
  2. Rich T

    This is great news. Congratulations on finding what works best for you. Play well!
  3. Kenneth C

    A 20 mph increase in ball speed is amazing. Enjoy the new clubs!
  4. Robert C

    That's quite an improvement, and who wouldn't love a 15 yard gain in an iron! I like to hear your comment about them improving the look of them. To hear that coming from an AP2 player, is quite a statement.
  5. M

    First round with these yesterday. Overall they are as advertised. 1 to 1.5 clubs longer than my 716 AP2 with the steel shaft. 4 and 5 iron were impressive. You could tell the ball had some serious punch behind it as it cut through the wind. I was a little worried about the shorter irons and how they would play in this GI category but they were just as good as the AP2 in feel and accuracy. So far so good. Only downside is getting used to the thicker topline and the offset in the longer clubs but I think that I will get used to it over time after playing blade like clubs for many years.

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