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Fairway woods and Hybrids

David V

Can anyone share their experience with the 3 wood and hybrids titleist make? Do they make a 5 wood? Really want to upgrade those clubs.

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  1. Lance B

    My advice would be to get fit at a Titleist Thursday event. The F2 fairway woods come in different angle lofts, as do the 818 hybrids. It's best to see the trackman numbers to properly fill the gaps.

    At my fitting, I learned that I need a 200 yard club. So we hit a few different ones in that range to see what I liked best. F2? H1? 3iron? Being able to hit all of them helped me make the best decision for my set.
  2. Robert C

    Hi David, Titleist makes a fantstic 5 wood. The 917F2 has become one of the most relieable clubs in my bag.

    I'm a short hitter and was looking for something for that 185 to 190 yard shot. I was torn between a 19 degree hybrid or 18 degree F2. After going to a demo da with a Titleist fitter, he put me in a 917 5w but with a 7 wood shaft. it gave me much more control and the distance I needed.

    i highly recommend the 917 18 degree!
  3. augusto r

    Robert,I agree,my favorite 917f2 5 wood 18 degree.
  4. Scott Golightly

    Definitely make what you're looking for, might just have to gauge it off of your degree spread instead of "5 wood". At least, that's what I did.

    Their hybrids are GREAT. Have a 913 and a 915 that I replaced my woods with a while back and had great success with that. Decided to add an 18* wood though just for some range fun. Great clubs in both of those categories though.
  5. sfried

    why not go with a 16.5 degree FW, and the H1 20 degree?

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