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Iron Lie Angle


I got new 718 irons, which have been fantastic. I want to give my old irons to my son, but they are standard lie, and he plays 1 degree upright.

My question is would a 1 deg lie angle difference matter, would that small amount be noticeable?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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  1. Barry B

    Have him try them and see, if there is an issue then have them bent 1* up.
  2. Joel L

    A one degree lie angle accounts for 5-7 yards in dispersion of shots. I recommend you get him fitted and adjust the clubs accordingly. I played with my fathers hand me downs for years before getting fitted. He was more flat lie and I was upright, balls used to fade off target. I check my lie setups every 3 months to keep them accurate. Just checked them and they were .5 to 1 degree off since June.

    I wonder how often the pros have theirs checked?
  3. Chuck Z

    Barry B

    Have him try them and see, if there is an issue then have them bent 1* up.

    Barry has given you some great advice. Have him hit them using Trackman if it is available at the club you play. Always good to double check.
  4. Scott Golightly

    I had my set of 695 CB's adjusted from +2 degrees back down to standard ( 0 degrees of adjustment ), and it made a HUGE difference. I would get unexplainable shanks and literally could not strike a ball that was even 2" below my feet ( got to the point that I'd be taking a wholly inappropriate club and using quarter swings, or laying up out of a downhill lie before I could get them adjusted ).

    Once I got them adjusted, I was back to normal form. I'm not a single digit golfer but I DO have a consistent swing, so I knew something was up. Obviously, 1 degree will have a slightly smaller effect, but principle applies.
  5. RJohnson

    Thanks for all the replies. I am going to take him to a fitter with the irons and have them adjusted accordingly.

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