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718 AP3

Jerry K

Can you order AP3 with lofts of AP2?

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  1. RJohnson

    You can, but the bounce would be affected, so I am not sure its a good idea. I got the AP3 4/5 and had the 5 iron bent 1 deg weak to match up 4 deg increments to the AP2.
  2. Robert L

    If the number at the bottom of the club doesn't matter... sure!
    Order the 4i = play it as a 3i
    Order the 5i = play it as a 4i
    Order the 6i = play it as a 5i
    Order the 7i = play it as a 6i
    Order the 8i = play it as a 7i
    Order the 9i = play it as a 8i
    Order the PW = play it as a 9i
  3. Rob_Roth1

    why do you want to do that? Forgiveness?

    I agree with post above why not order a combo set?
  4. Lance B

    I ordered a combo set. The lofts of the AP3 were just too far off for me. I'm not sure why it was necessary to do that. Had they been standard lofts, I probably would've bought the whole set.
  5. Michael P

    I weakened the lofts of the 7 8 9 one degree. So 9 is 40 deg then use a 46 deg ap2 or vokey.

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