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716 AP1 to 718 AP3 or AP2


I currently play the 716 AP1 and have been happy with their performance but have slightly regretted not giving the AP2's a chance. I have hit the 716 AP2 and really love the feel and most of all the top line is so much more appealing. I play off a 10 handicap which I believed I wasn't good enough to seriously consider the AP2's. I am scheduled to do the Titleist Thursday next week and want to make a solid decision.

I suppose I want to know how do you know when it's time to move from a GI iron to a more players iron? It's a very expensive investment and don't want to take a the hit of buying the new clubs and then not working and having to sell barely used clubs?

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  1. Doug E

    Be sure to get fit. You'll certainly know afterward whether the AP1, AP2 or AP3 is best for you. I bet you'll like the AP3s, but don't be surprised at how well you hit the AP2s. The AP2 and AP3 toplines are the same, but the forgiveness in the AP3 may just give you that little bit of extra confidence you need. You may want to consider a mixed set of AP2s in the short-mid irons and AP3s in the mid-longer irons. Works for me.
  2. Chuck Z

    I had the 716AP2s, hit them fairly well, wanted a little bit more distance and forgiveness so I purchased the 716AP1s. It was the right decision for me. At 71, I need every advantage I can get. Will I switch to the 718AP3s? I will at least hit them, at a fitting, to see how they perform in comparison to my AP1s. When I go see my fitter and if numbers (Trackman) show improvement over my current set, then I may consider investing in a new set. All of us are very different and getting a good certified Titleist fitter is you first priority. Cheers........
  3. Kenneth C

    The AP2 and AP3's are both priced the same. The AP1 are a bit less expensive. Only you can determine, when is the right time to switch to a more player's club. FWIW, Billy Mayfair played on the PGA tour with AP1's! A fair number of professional golfers play game improvement sets. Most of us are nowhere near that good, but, we don't play for our paychecks, either. We play for our own enjoyment.

    I think the time to switch, is when you think the new AP2 or AP3, or, a blend of AP1, AP2, and/or AP3 will bring more enjoyment to your game vs. costing you aggravation from missing a shot. I am a 17 handicap, and, I just switched to AP3's(6-gw) from AP1's. I only have one range session, since, I got them yesterday, but, I don't think the AP3 will cause my handicap to go up. My main motivation to switch was to get a slightly heavier graphite shaft, and, to lower my iron spin a little. In my one range session it looked like I achieved, what I wanted.

    At your Titleist Thursday fitting, they should have a full set of all of the new 718 AP irons, and, you can determine if the AP2 are right for you. Start with the short irons and work your way up to the longer irons. You might find that you are fine with the AP2 short irons, but, need forgiveness with the mid irons - blend in AP3 mid irons, and, possibly blend in AP1 long irons. Take your time, and, remember to enjoy the experience. Just because you are getting fitted, it doesn't mean you need to buy anything. Some folks go through multiple fittings.
  4. Don O

    As noted, the AP1 is not a traditional GI iron. My 2 criteria - based on not having a single digit handicap, is ball-striking and the ability/confidence to shape a shot. Moving from an AP1 to an AP2 won't make it easier to hit greens. If dispersion pattern is an issue, then a good fitter/coach can let you know if it is your swing or maybe your clubs are the ideal for you. The AP2 and apparently the AP3 are easier to use a controlled fade/draw. All gets back to a fitter that should be willing to be honest with you to recommend the club you need versus what you want, and not sell you if your current clubs would work better with more consistency. ....Not to say the new irons are pieces of art and science rolled together.
  5. Declan R

    As Doug E said, I'll bet you'll like the AP3's also.... I play the AP2'S since 2009 and my handicap fluctuates between 9 - 12 .....Had a fitting the other day and the results the AP3's gave me in comparison it was a no brainer.... Slightly bigger then AP2's and the longer irons do have a good bit more offset.

    Let us know how you get on.
  6. Peter M

    Answering your question, when when it is time to move on to AP2 (or other players irons).
    Results wise, you only rationally need to make this shift, when you are confident to work the ball and you plan to do it on course (which usually only scratch and better can do reliably). As long as all you want from irons is the consistency (and maybe very occasional efforts to play fade instead of draw), you had better to stick to AP1, or give a try to AP3, for a 10 handicapper it is worth a fitting session, at least. But nothing wrong staying with AP1 (or mixed bag AP1 and AP3), if it gives you the results and you like them.

    Feeling wise, if you feel you would be more happy with AP2, as you love their looks and looks of other people to your bag, and you love forged feel, switch now. But accepting that it might cost you some shots per round...

    Do not forget, some Tour pros play AP3 in their long irons instead of AP2. Should you play AP2?
  7. CKoetter

    I would say to go get fit. I was a 10-12 handicap when using the original AP1's, but went to get fitted last year thinking in my head I wanted the AP2's, but was open to the fitters suggestions and was committed to going with their recommendation. After the fitting I ended up in MB's, tweaked to my game, and have taken my handicap down to a 6. AP1's launched too high for me, albeit was probably a combo of the iron/shafts, and the large forgiving head didn't make me focus on the contact as much because miss hits weren't that penal.

    All to say get fitted by a trusted fitter, even if it costs a few hundred bucks, and trust what the number and the fitter tell you.

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