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tony k

Got a great phone call today. "Your AP3's have come in". Got them in the bag and ready for tomorrow! Can't wait!

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  1. Chuck Z

    How sweet it is. Enjoy your round.......................
  2. Kenneth C

    I got that phone call a couple a days ago. I got them and went straight to the driving range. I really like the way they sit behind the ball, surprisingly, I think I hit them better than my AP1's. Enjoy the new sticks!
  3. tony k

    I too picked the AP3,s as a replacement for my 714 AP1,s. Just love the thinner and cleaner top line. Been chipping some wedge shots around the yard and I think this is gonna be a great decision!
  4. Kevin B

    Welcome to the 718 world of Titleist! Enjoy your new sticks!
  5. Don O

    For those of us trying suppress anxiety attacks - how many business days from your order being placed to getting the call? Can you also indicate if you are on the East Coast, Fly-Over area or Left Coast? Takes about 4 more days to the Atlantic from California.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    I recieved my Ap2 today and already have a range session with them
  7. Declan R

    Congrats on the new irons.....I think the AP3's are gonna be very popular......At my fitting the other day we had much better results compared to my AP2's....I will be changing over also.
  8. Cavman

    Congrats. Best of luck with the new clubs. When did you originally order them?
  9. Juan S

    Where do you guys live? I am still waiting on my AP2s
  10. Gerry B

    If they perform as good as they look you will have a winner in the bag.They will be my next set of irons.Love the look and tech in these.Enjoy
  11. augusto r

    SWEET,and enjoy your new AP3's

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