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Getting Anxious


If I understand correctly that preorders for the 718/818 clubs will be delivered to your home Sept. 29th.....I may call in sick to work and track down the UPS driver so I can get a round in next Friday! lol

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Mine is coming today actually!
  2. Kenneth C

    Mine were delivered to where to my pro shop on Monday. Depending what you ordered, it may be here much sooner than the 29th.
  3. Blaine W

    Can't wait to hit the new sticks too! SUPER PUMPED

    That would be super sweet but I'm not going to get me hopes up too much. When did you order if you don't mind my asking?
  5. Adrian A

    I live in Northern Ireland and got custom fit for Ap2 s on the 18th .They aren't out officially until the 29th I'll not get mine until mid October hopefully a bit sooner

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