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AP3 W/ Graphite Shaft


Have been playing 690CBs since 2002, but age is catching up to me and at 62 the S300 shaft are just to much. I went to a Titleist event last Thursday and did the fitting on the AP3s, but the only graphite shaft the fitter had in the 70 to 95 gram weight was the KURO KAGE TINI 85 in stiff flex. I hit that better that my CBs but I really wanted to try regular flex. Today I went to a local golf shop and the had a TENSI regular flex shaft that was gaining 8 yards over the KURO stiff and 16 yards over my CBs.

My main question is what are the specs on the TENSI shaft and how does it compare to the KURO shaft. I have search the Titleist site and there is no mention of this shaft but there is a picture of it when you get to the area where you can select the shaft performance guide. I hit them all on trackman and I really like the AP3 this will be the first irons to challenge the CBs

Any help would be great.

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  1. MG_TX

    The Tensei Red will be lighter compared to the KK TiNi 85, so you probably will gain some club head speed and specs wise the Tensei will launch and spin higher compared to the Mid/Mid profile of the TiNi 85. If you can find the TiNi 65 you might get a better comparison to the Tensei Red
  2. Don O

    Based on my own experience, try to find someone that can also fit the AMT-Red in R300 (stock AP1 shaft) on the AP3. I did better with the roughly 100 g shaft in the AP3 than with the 65 g graphite Tensi shaft. I'm 67 and have not been happy with 65 g graphite shafts for the last 4 years. And impatiently waiting for the AP3s with the R300 shafts.
  3. DKiger

    That's my fear on 65 grams shafts. I bought a set of AP1 712 used but like new a couple of years ago and they had the AD Tour 65 graphite in them. They worked well for a few rounds but ended up being so light I had no ideal were the head was. Ended up selling them a nd went back to the CBs that worked fine
  4. augusto r

    try the steelfiber i95 regular,they are sweet.should match with your ap3's and of course your swing speed.
  5. Randy R

    I got fitted for the AP3 and went in with the intention of getting a graphite shaft. I'm 66 and have a bit of arthritis so thought it might help. We tried several shafts with varying results but when we got to the Tensei red pro in regular, I had trouble with ballooning, distance and really crazy spin. Tried a few more shafts and had about settled on the TT AMT Red in regular, when the fitter said lets try the Tensei in stiff. Bingo! Spin, flight and distance were really good and much better than my old 714 AP1s and the feel was excellent. That was my experience with the Tensei. Clubs get here on the 28th. Can't wait!
  6. Kenneth C

    The only specs I find on the Tensei Red are off the AP1 page.

    MCA Tensei Pro Red AMC
    Flexes: L,A,R,S
    Weight: 57g, 57g, 69g (R, 4-7-W)
    Torque: 4.4°-2.7° (R)
    Launch: High

    The Kuro Kage 85 should launch lower and spin less than the Tensei Red. The Recoil 95 is, also, an option. The Recoil is a little heavier and lower spinning than the Kuro Kage 85. There is also a Kuro Kage 105 available - Stiff only.
  7. DKiger

    Thanks for the responses, I need to find someone that has the Kuro in regular flex and give it a try. I was hoping to try the Recoil also.
  8. Greg M

    Received my AP3s Friday with the Tensei and love this shaft. My last two sets had the Kuro (AP2s and Tmbs) but this shaft is much better. Please read my post for more details.
  9. DKiger

    One of my local fitters has ordered the Steelfiber I80 in regular flex for his fitting cart. I really think that may be the shaft for me, Should be able to hit this within a week, really looking forward to trying it.
  10. DKiger

    Never could get a test on the steel fiber I80 shaft, but with everything else I tried the fitter felt that it should be the best shaft for me. Ordered them yesterday and the fitter said the would reshaft them at no charge if not happy. I can't wait to have a go with them.

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