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Jed B

Please come out with a black edition of the 917 woods. I've been using Titleist my whole life and the gray is making me not want to upgrade. Im thinking about look at other options even though I'd rather not.

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  1. Ty B

    I was opposite. The gray is what attracted me to them. I've always wanted Titleist woods and along with performance, I wanted something aesthetically pleasing. The gray put it over the top for me.

    But having options wouldn't be the worst thing either.
  2. DKiger

    I prefer the black also but my 905T driver and the 904 F were gray also. I've gotten comfortable with the gray again on my 917D2, in fact I really like it now.
  3. augusto r

    agree with you Jed,make it like Special Black Edition limited.

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