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tony k

Picked up my new AP3's yesterday and went out this afternoon for a local 9 hole league. Hit no range balls and shot a 4 over 40 right out of the box. May not be a big deal to really good players but as a very average player I hit every club from the 3 iron to the PW with the exception of the 4 iron. Hit both par 3's with a 7 and a 6 iron and made par on both. I am a very happy camper and absolutely love these irons. Bravo Titleist and thank you.

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  1. Cavman

    Congrats on the round and on the new clubs. What were you playing before? How did the AP3s feel? Thanks in advance for your comments.
  2. Dave N

    Very nice, what did you game before them?
  3. Kevin N

    Good round Tony!!! I'd take a 40 straight out of the box with a new set every day that ends in y and twice on a Sunday.
  4. tony k

    I had been playing the 714 AP1's and had always felt as though the top line was just a little too thick for my liking but I hit the clubs so well that I soon got over it. When I saw a players eye view of the AP3's on the Titleist website I was hooked and just had to have these irons. So confident in Titleist that I ordered the set in my exact AP1 specs without even seeing the club. Great decision. Love the way they look at set-up and just that alone gives me great expectations on each and every shot. At 61 years of age this may be my last set but.......nah, Titleist will come up with something better I'm sure.
  5. Randy R

    Tony, Not far behind you! I'm 66 myself and have 714 AP1's in the bag right now. Tomorrow though I have the AP3's 5-W being delivered. Friday morning early I'll be teeing it up with my regular crowd. Lol, I was a a bit worried til I saw your post! Maybe it will rub off on me. :)
  6. tony k

    Best of luck Randy. Play well and enjoy life in the best country in the world!

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