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New AP3s arrived - review and photo inside (long)


Received the AP3s today (3 iron - 48 degree wedge). XP105 S300 shafts. Order placed Friday 9/8/17.

Went straight to our club's hitting room with FlightScope to get a handle on carry distances versus prior clubs (miz MP-29s).

Hit 5-10 balls with each club.

Here are the conclusions:

1) 5 iron through 48 degree wedge look very good. Thin top line, very little offset. You can see a little of the back of the club on the 4 iron at address and a little more than that on the 3 iron.

2) All the clubs feel very good and are very forgiving. This will sound crazy to many, but I didn't notice a lot (or any) difference in feel between the AP3s and MP-29s, but ball speeds are MUCH higher.

3) 7 Iron avg carry distance of 168.8 yards. That is 14-19 yards more than previous 7 iron (35 degree loft) and 4-9 yards more carry than prior 6 iron (31 degree loft).

4) 3 Iron is probably not needed. Actually carried the 4 iron farther than 3 Iron (195.4 vs 190.8) and had higher ball speed and smash factors as well as 4100 rpm spin rate. The 4 iron was one of my favorite clubs.

5) 8 iron through 48 degree wedge look exactly like blades. No offset, thin top line. Spin rates were good and they felt fantastic.

6) Went to the outdoor range to hit a few more and to get a better sense of ball flight. The shots fly nice and high and feel very good, even on a few of the thinner shots I hit.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the look of the clubs (perhaps excluding the 3 iron), the feel of the clubs (all of them), the carry distances (all of them), and the ball flight (nice and high).

Will hit more on the outdoor grass tomorrow (now that I have some sense of carry distances) and report anything new/different.

Thank you Titleist for making a terrific set of irons.

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  1. Brian W

    Great review! I am anxiously awaiting mine to arrive. I went with AP1 5 iron and 6 To Pw in AP3. I was playing th 714Ap2 and really like the extra forgiveness with the AP3 and a little extra distance doesn't hurt! Play well with the new sticks!
  2. Kenneth C

    very nice review, and, I, particularly, like the look of the short irons - I didn't realize they look like blades, though. I came to the AP3's from AP1's, and, for me, the short irons set up much nicer with the AP3's than the AP1's.

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