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I have just made the switch to all titleist kit. Driver,fairway, hybrid, irons,wedges and the v1x ball. even the bag itsellf is now titleist. Has anyone else switched from other brands and noticed a big difference in quality and performance as i have????

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  1. Sam K

    Congrats! In the process of switching everything over. Cant wait.
  2. Don O

    In no small part by starting a serious interest in golf at age 60 and being LH, indeed, I have. Retailers like to sell sets, and in no way would a stock set fit me. Happenstance in going to a Premier fitter (not a clue what that meant) meant that the fitter took the time to put together the pieces from wedges to driver that worked just for me. I hadn't considered Titleist (did they make more than balls?) but that they offered essentially a full line for LH sold me.
  3. Forrest D

    I too just made the switch back to all Titleist. I was playing a mixed bag of everything from Bridgestone to cally and couldn't be happier to be back playing only Titleist.
  4. richard f

    Yer I switched from TM to titleist back in 2010 and stuck with titleist ever since
  5. WCollins

    Definitely a difference. I switched from "swoosh" gear to Titleist, starting with my 714 AP1s and then eventually the rest of the bag...including the bag. In a couple of days I am going in for my 718 iron fitting. Nothing but Titleist for me from now on.

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