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3w Flying Farther than my Driver

Matt K

I was fit this spring hitting off trackman for the 917D3 9.5* Driver in the Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 64 Stiff and the 917D3 15* 3 wood in the Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 74 Stiff. During the summer I was hitting both clubs fairly decent, driver was around 280-290 and three wood was 245-260. In the past month or so, my 3 wood has really come into it's own, I'm carrying about 260+ with a total 275-290 and I have even hit a couple just of 300. But my driver doesn't perform near as well. I've hit a couple on a rope that were well over 300 but in general, it seems to fly shorter than my 3 wood and the consistency isn't anything close to the 3 wood.

Any thoughts on why this is happening? Do you think the driver shaft is misfit?

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  1. Tom B

    Matt, I have the same issue!! I have the 917 D2 with the stiff 65 rogue max with total distance between 255 to 270!! I can hit my 917 f2 three wood with stiff rogue max 75 off the tee box anywhere from 245 to 260!!

    Not enough of an advantage using the driver when I am much more accurate with the 3 wood!!

    Would also like someone else’s opinion besides the f2 3 wood is hot!! These numbers were from titleist Thursday’s and my average on the golf course this summer since I keep a lot of stats!!

  2. Dino J

    Hi guys ... I would suggest that you go back to the fitter and have a look at your settings ... preferably with the use of a Trackman. It will help in providing feedback on things such as your club path, angle of attack, launch angle, spin, etc. in addition to ball flight (carry & total; distance).

    A good fitter with strong knowledge of the Trackman and Titleist drivers should be able to assist you in "tweaking" your set-up for optimum effect.
  3. GMillar

    I have a similar situation - hitting my 2-iron way further than my 3 wood (3-wood no longer in bag). I honestly put it down to club confidence. I am much surer when i stand over the ball with an iron in my hand than a wood. I can't find any reason other than that - maybe its the same with you with a wood in your hand? Just a thought!
  4. Don O

    You can start with some white spray powder on each club face. You might be more consistently hitting the fairway "on the screws" and off center on driver. That may be a starting point to work with a fitter/trainer on whether the equipment problem is the club or the swinger.
  5. Myles B

    You may need more loft with your driver if you're angle of attack is negative. A trackman lesson or visit to an indoor range with flight tracking technology will confirm the differences between your driver and 3 wood. I have found that I swing my 3 wood only 2-4mph slower than my driver, therefore, if my attack angle wasn't 0 to +2 I would not hit it much further than my 3 wood.

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