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Following My Fitting...


I went to demo the new AP irons and did a fitting. I currently play the 716 AP1 with standard L/L/L. I currently use the XP90 shafts which I purchased off the rack as well.

Today I was told I need to be 2 dog upright and +1/2 inch. The shaft was the new AMT black.

I felt this fitting was so much better for my swing, the weight of the shaft, the length and lie made contact so much more consistent.

Is there any recommendations how I can make these adjustments to my current 716 AP1's? I would love the new AP3's but not sure I want to take the hit on selling my two year old AP1's.... your help would be sincerely appreciated!

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  1. Barry B

    You could just have your XP 90s replaced with the AMT Blacks...find a good club repair person or shop in your area and check out what the bill would be (see if you can find some reviews on their work also).
  2. Don O

    ...Quite a change from off the rack. Another option is having your pro shop sent the clubs to Titleist for the new shaft length and the heads bent upright. Generally the shipping is the greatest variance. Sending a whole set may reduce the cost per iron for shipping.
  3. Darryl M

    Sounds like it might be more the adjustment than the shaft. I had my AP1 716's clubs lengthened 1/4" & 2 degrees up without changing my shafts and the difference was amazing. Question: Are btoh shafts the same flex? Stiff / Reg? if so I would just have your current shafts adjusted by a club repair person 2 degrees up & 1/2" longer. If they are not the same flex than then easiest and cheapest route is to replace the shafts.

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