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swing weight


Hi, without getting hung up on the technicalities of it i was wondering what the swingweight of my standard length 45" 913d2 driver would be? It has a golf pride 360 grip with 1 tape layer, project x 6.0 7c3 shaft and has the green dot weight in the head.


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  1. B.A.

    I found an online calculator that I've used and it seems to be accurate to me:

  2. Myles B

    It will be difficult to use the link unless you know the exact head weight, which can vary from head to head. You can use an inexpensive swing weight scale once you get it assembled. The swing weight can be adjusted up or down using a lighter or heavier weight insert in the head (you can find on eBay). That's the beauty of Titleist drivers.
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  3. lcowan

    Thanks for the replies, I'm not thinking of tinkering as I am happy with it as is. Just curious to know what it is. Can't find anything about the heads weight and don't have digital scales but would they not all be the same before the removable weight is added? Team Titleist??

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