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AP 2 718


Hello, I ordered a custom set of Ap 2 718's through my club on 18 Sept under the impression they would be delivered on or about 29 Sept, is there any issues with delivering left handed heads????

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  1. Don O

    Hope not. I ordered my LH AP3s the same day. Some of the Golf Pride MCC 4+ grips have delayed some build. I would expect any of the N/C shafts to be available. Other orders have usually taken about 8-9 business days to get to Wisconsin from California, but apparently the 718s have a lot of pre-orders so I'm hoping that they take less than 12 business days to get in (October 2).
  2. Don O

    ...Update - my LH AP3s came off the Fedex truck today at the pro shop. Still on the same 8 business day delivery cycle! Will pick them up tomorrow for an afternoon 9 already scheduled.
  3. chris M

    The on sale date is the 29th which is Friday, it all depends on when they are shipped form the factor I am in the same boat but with RH clubs.

    If I have them by the 6th ill be happy as they are a custom order
  4. dhunter

    Was hoping mine did also, beginning to wonder if my club submitted the order in a timely manner, they sometimes have a tendency to submit late. I eded up going with the Tour V shaft.

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