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Head Cover Fading


The red stitching on my C16 Driver head cover is starting to fade on the top. Anyone experience this? I really love how it looked before and would love to be able to restore it to its original glory. It's not exactly old...

Anyone else had this problem and can recommend a solution/fix?

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  1. Rick F

    I've had the same fading issue with two Titleist driver head covers and one fairway head cover. At first I felt the same way as you, a bit disappointed that the red stitching had faded. However, over the last year or two I've changed my mind and now look at the faded stitching as a reminder of all the good times I've had out in the sunshine playing golf with my friends both at my home course and many golf vacations. As much as I would have liked the stitching to stay bright and colorful, I now prefer the faded look knowing that I'm getting plenty of opportunities to use my clubs and enjoy the outdoors while golfing!

    Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas on how to fix the fading but you may want to try eBay and see if any head covers are available. I was able to find a replacement for one of my old 915 hybrids when I lost its head cover.

    Good Luck!

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