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Waiting for my clubs. 4 Sets show up!

Randy R

Wow. I have been waiting since the 6th of September for my AP3's to show up. I got a tracking number from FedEx a few days ago and I was pumped! They showed up today. Sort of... 4, count'em 4 sets of clubs showed up! None of them for me sadly. Seems a little mix up in the shipping department sent my clubs, uh, somewhere and four other sets made it to my doorstep.

Of course, I did the right thing and called Titleist We got part of the problem sorted out. The clubs sent to me were meant for a Country Club a few states away. We got FedEx to come back and pick up the wandering irons and I sent them on their way to their rightful owners.

This leaves me clubless, depressed and letdown after the build up of anticipation upon getting the shipping notice as you might imagine. To add to the pain neither Titleist nor I know where my clubs are. Sigh.

Titleist 'thinks' my clubs are in transit to the unnamed Country Club due to arrive tomorrow. So it's 24 hours of waiting to see if the mystery package is my set of clubs or not. If they aren't in that box no one knows where they are. If they are in that box, I'm hoping the Country Club will react as swiftly as I did and get them shipped to me via overnight.

Regardless, I'm truly bummed about it as the absolute best scenario gets the clubs in my hands Saturday afternoon. Worst case they have to make another set and that leaves me a week or better away from getting them.

Still, whatever happens, those 4 individuals who will get their clubs tomorrow weren't at fault and I wasn't going to hold them hostage.

This morning I cleaned up my 714's and put them away. This afternoon I took'em back out. And so it goes.

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  1. Rich T

    Oh man! That would definitely be a letdown, but good man doing the right (only) thing and getting those 4 sets off to their rightful owners. Good luck in getting your set soon.

  2. Don O

    Sorry to hear that. I was surprised with all the 718s Titleist has been shipping that my order got to the pro shop in the same time as when I order "off-peak". I'm sure Titleist will do what they can to expedite.
  3. Randy R

    The story should end well. Titleist Fedex'd my clubs via overnight Saturday delivery so they will be here in a few hours. Can't wait to hit them. A quick shout out to Kathy at the Titleist Orders department. She did everything she could to straighten things out. Thank you Kathy.

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