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one or two Hybrids in bag?


if have a 16.5 degree fairway metal, and trying to decide if need 1 or 2 hybrids to fill in between the fairway metal and my 27 degree 5i? using the 816 H1 or H2 as the examples. the 21 degree adjusts to 20-23 degrees; the 23 degree model adjusts to 22-25 degrees. leaning to the more iron-like H2, so my question is: if were to buy the 21 degree, able to adjust down to 20 degree & up to 23 degree, so no need for a second hybrid??? or "need" both, and adjust the 21 degree to 20 degree, and the 2nd to 24 degree?? thanks and hope not too confusing.

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  1. 19hole

    I think 2 would work. I carry an 18 degree fairway, a 21 degree 816H2 and a 23 degree (set to 24 degrees) 816H2 then I go to a CB 5 iron. The gaps work for me, but might not for everyone. Work with your local Titleist fitter and find the right set make up for your bag.
  2. Shaun M

    I think it's up to you. I don't have a fairway (gave up on it), but most of the time I like my 3 hybrids. A 17,21, and 25.
  3. Ryan M

    I like just having a 4 wood and hybrid in my bag. Prefer to less at the top of my bag because I can carry more wedges. One thing to think about is if you get the 21, adjusting up the loft will close the face.
  4. Chuck Z

    I have two H1s and am considering adding a third. Currently have a 816 17* and 816 21* and hit a 818 26* at our demonstration at the TT Invitational and it felt rather nice. Also hit the new AP1s and AP3s and need to go to a fitter for consideration of a 6-W in the AP3s. I currently play 716 AP1s, 5-W52. Once I talk to him and do some comparisons then will make a comment to pull the trigger.
  5. richard f

    Go with what you feel most confident with
  6. Sam R

    Do you know what your average distance is with each club?

    I'd do some gap testing if you don't and have a play with the lofts until you've find which clubs/lofts give you some consistent distance gaps. Nothing worse than having such a big gap that if you're between clubs you've either got to smash the granny out of the shorter club or hit the longer club too soft to make a decent strike.
  7. G.

    I was in the same boat, I ended up getting the one hybrid, set at 23 degrees with a 5 wood dialled up to at 18.5 degrees, I found this works well for me, at my club we have a few short par 4's (risk or reward holes), where I use them off the tee leaving a wedge in & we have a long par 3, depending on conditions/tee they come into play on that hole. What I did, which may work for you is when playing see what club you want to hit & how often & that should give you an answer on what you need. Cheers GJ
  8. JLundquist

    I ran into this same issue this year. I am really struggling to find any consistency with my 4i. At a Team Titleist fitting event it was suggested that I fill the gap between my 15° fairway metal and 27° 5i with 2 hybrids. I tested out both the H1 and H2 and ultimately liked the H1. I was fitted for 19°, and a 25°. I'd go with 2 separate clubs unless you don't mind constantly adjusting the same club all the time.
  9. Jim D

    I have an 18 degree fairway and a 21 then 24 degree hybrid to fill the gap to my 5 iron. Gapping seems to work. Given your fairway is 16.5, a 20, 24 set up makes sense
  10. Justin M

    I play a similar set up with an AP2 5 iron (through P) except I do not use a 3-metal. I play a 17* hybrid and a 22* hybrid to bridge the gap between driver and 5 iron. I think this set up fits me very well but as most will recommend, it is best to be fitted into your new hybrids to make sure you optimize your distance gaps and get the performance you want. Happy golfing! :)
  11. Jonathan K

    I personally choose to feel the gaps in my short irons. If I need a little more distance than my 21 degree hybrid will give me, I will choke up on my 16.5 fairway. I was just custom fitted for the AP3’s and my 5 iron is 25 degrees. My distances are a little different than my previous AP1’s so I’m still trying to work things out. I also was fitted and have on order a new 818 H1 in 21 degrees; this is an upgrade from my 915. Ultimately I prefer more options is the short irons/wedges because statistically my wedges will come into play more often. Best of luck!
  12. Don O

    To note, you can't adjust them on course per the rules of golf. For me, I elected (for now) to carry a 7I, then an H1 25 set to 27, an H1 23 set to 24, and a 7W at 21 degrees. That gives me about a 15 yard gap between each club. Whatever you need for distance gaps to suit your game is what you should get. I didn't guess the distances, it was confirmed with my fitter when I was fit for the AP3.
  13. Peter M

    To sfried and others... guys, this discussion is pointless without knowing the distances... if sfried hits his 5i to 200y, then one hybrid should be plenty enough and he should rather add a club on short end of bag.
    But if he hits 5i to 150y, then 2 hybrids might not be enough... You need solid gapping up to 200-220y, to cover also long par 3s and vast majority of approaches.
    If you are long with driver 260+, then you can think, whether you really need to have one or two clubs to bridge this gap.. but it all depends on your level of play, preferences, courses you play, if you like many wedges etc...
  14. Darron K

    I have a 19° and 23° 816 H1. I use to have a 915 F 16.5° but the distance gain over my 19° isn't great enough for me to keep it in the bag. I'm thinking about getting a 17° and turning it to 16° as I did see a nice distance gap between my 19° and that.

    In all honesty, I would suggest getting a fitting scheduled and trying the hybrids vs your 3w to find the best dispersion and gapping for you.
  15. Kenneth C

    It is all personal preference, you could go with one or 2, or more. If the gap between the fw and 5 iron is greater than 20-30 yards, than 2 hybrids make sense. But, the question for you is "how much farther than the 5 iron do you want your next club to be?" And, you work this all the way up to your 16.5 fw.
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