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Mark B

Greetings TT members.

I was thinking about getting my shafts pured at a local fitter in Houston. I’ve heard good things and was curious if anyone had experience with having their shafts pured. Cheers.

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  1. david s

    Good question Mark, I recently read an article on shaft pureing and it also sparked my interest, it appears the majority of tour players have the shafts pured in their clubs, just wondering if the experts at Titleist has any opinions of whether it has benefits for the average golfer?
  2. Mark B

    We may have read the same article haha. There are a few club champion locations that can retrofit your current shafts. I’m no expert David but I will update you if it happens.
  3. Gary D

    I've had the steel shafts in my irons pured. A noticeable difference in performance. Well worth the expense. Puring graphite shafts is of lesser value due to the way graphite shafts are constructed. Plus most drivers, fairway woods, and rescue clubs are adjustable now so the benefits of puring is lost on these clubs.
  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi, We have had this question in the past and here is our reply.
    Simply put, since golf shafts don't bend the same in each orientation, the SST PURING process tries to find the most optimum orientation for a golf shaft to be put into a clubhead.

    The Titleist Golf Club R&D group has conducted testing with tour and better players to compare performance between shafts that have been PURE'D and shafts that have not. We have not been able to see or measure any performance difference.
    We have no plans to offer PURE'D shafts and do not endorse the process for Titleist clubs.

    That being said, golf is a mental as well as a physical game, so if you believe this process is going to give you an edge in your game, you may very well receive an edge.
  5. Matthew S

    As someone that SST Pures all of their shafts, I can tell you that the process does give me some peace of mind that my clubs are performing the best they can. Like Cathi said, its very hard to measure any difference but if you understand the process and see how it works there is no way it can hurt.
  6. Myles B

    Totally agree with Cathi based upon the research I've done.

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