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AP3 Irons.....all I expected and more!

Greg M

I picked up my AP3s Friday afternoon and got to play Saturday. These clubs are awesome! I've been playing golf 51 years and worked in the golf business for over 25 years and never hit anything like this. The ball just explodes off the face, I've picked up about a club and a half. My 9 iron has been 110-115 for years and the second ball I hit landed right beside the 125 flag on the range! Being 66 years old I ordered the Tensei "A" flex and this is a great shaft. My Tmb irons had the Kuro senior flex as well as the AP2s I traded for the Tmbs. The Tensei feels much better. With arthritis and a bad hip my swing speed has suffered lately but these irons are going to help greatly. Try these before you buy any other iron. THANKS TITLEIST!

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    congrats on the new clubs Greg.
  2. chris b

    I've got the AP3's coming at the end of the month as well. Went thru 2 good fittings with my local Titleist rep to get the right numbers with the correct shaft combo. You're right though .. the ball just explodes off the face & accurate, with such a great trajectory.
    I went with 5-PW AP3 with AMT Black & 4-iron TMB with AMT White. The ball was surprisingly easy to hit with the TMB. Launcher!
    Great Job Titleist! These are amazing and can't wait to put them in play.
  3. Sam K

    Congrats! Thank you for sharing Greg.
  4. Chuck Z

    I hit a pitching wedge at the TT event in Jacksonville and the feel of the club was awesome. I compared the same club to the new AP1 and I do believe that it has a higher flight and carry. The new AP3 is the sign of the times. Need to try it. Go see you Titleist fitter today. =)
  5. Michael P

    Got my AP3s 3 weeks ago ahead of release. They are great, 5-9 (need a wedge hmmm, vokey 46 or AP2 718??)
    They are looong and forgiving. More GIRs
    Have AMT WHITE s300. Great thru the turf also, good soles.
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  6. Strohmoose

    They look great; however, they are way too expensive for a 70+ year old on dwindling income. I play my 710CB's just fine and still play to 5.5 index. I made good money 30 years ago but the liberals in Washington took away my social security increases and the single payer system of medicare is awful!

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