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718 AP3 distance PLUS accuracy

Shawn L

Was happy to see the results from a trial of the new 718 AP3 irons. My typical 9 iron flies 135 (png S56 - sorry, but I am shopping for new irons :-) ) and the trajectory is mid. The 718 AP3, with the Pro V1 carried 142 with a higher trajectory, stopping on the back of the green at TPC Sawgrass #17. Thanks for the par Titleist!

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  1. Cavman

    Outstanding! Glad to hear it, and on the "Island Hole" no less. Well done. Congrats on the new clubs and best of luck for continued success.
  2. Don O

    Had my first round with AP3s coming from AP1s. Increased accuracy, distance, and hit more greens on approach shots. Couldn't be happier.
  3. Myles B

    The AP3 irons are built very strong (i.e. 9iron 39 deg loft) vs your png S56 irons so you would definitely pick up yardage. Your new 9-iron is effectively an 8-iron now. But who feels great to hit your irons further!

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