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irons purchase


typical golf shop iron offering: 3i-PW, although what strikes me odd is most players prefer substituting the 3i & 4i with hybrids, so lose on the 2 forced upon irons. secondly, what if prefer a PW not part of the iron set-up, but prefer the Vokey 46 degree PW to match wedges, as opposed to having PW match irons. curious as to what others think.

from a cost standpoint, one could, i guess, purchase 4i-PW, purchase 1 hybrid for the 3i, and then fill in bag with GW-SW-LW. obviously, the standard offering is the best value, but is it really???

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  1. 19hole

    Iron are priced individually. It is up to each retailer to decide what set makeup to stock. We do not stock any iron sets, they are all ordered for each customer.
  2. Barry B

    You can custom order any set make-up you want at an authorized Titleist retailer. The only caveat is the shafts need to be on the custom options list.
  3. Darryl M

    I purchased a 56 degree Vokey to go with my 716 AP1's 5-AW (52 degree), One reason is my distance and ball flight with the 4 iron was terrible so I replaced it with a 816H1 22 degree hybrid which I can use out of the rough better than a standard iron. I also got a 19 degree 816H1 instead of a 5w for the same reason. I have a 715F 3w 16.5 degree because they all fit my swing better than buying off the rack. to me this was the best value because all my clubs fit my swing and how I plan on playing the game. I'll use every club in my bag because I am confident in them....
  4. Jeff K

    Yep, if you buy from Titleist you can buy the ones you want and mix and match. You'll see a lot of people talk about having some AP2's and Ap3's or CB's, etc. The only exception is the C16's which come only as a set. These sets are available in limited quantities which is why they won't break a set.
  5. Peter M

    Find another golf shop, or think of ordering, not buying from the rack. Especially Titleist pride themselves that you pay per club (regardless how many), not for a set. You can easily buy 5-9i and then think, if you want Vokey PW and AW or you want to buy it from the set later...
    I would not buy a 4i without playing 5i properly first. Actually this is what I am gonna do. Buy 5i-PW, and then decide - if I am after a few rounds very confident with 5i, then I might go for 4i and save money. If not, I go for a hybrid. Likewise, if after a few rounds I am happy with PW feel, I will buy the 48deg AW from the set (all thinking of a new 718 AP1 set...going back to Game Improvement from "wannabe players irons"), otherwise I buy 46 or 48 deg Vokey to match my 52 and 58 Vokeys.
    If the shop gives you some discount on a set, then they should be nice enough to do so on the extra buys too... ;-) ...mine does....
  6. Shaun M

    I agree with Peter, buy them individually and you can decide later. Unfortunately, I bought my first set off the rack as a set, the 4 iron immediately went into my extra bag. My 5 iron should join it because I love my 3 hybrids most of the time.

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