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718 CB

Travis J

I got custom fit for a set of 718 CBs and MAN, these things are long. I tried the AP2, AP3, and MB but none of them performed as well as the new CB. If you're a good ball striker you can't go wrong with these bad boys. 10/10: best club purchase I've ever made.

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  1. MB

    Post some pics!
  2. Gabe B

    Just got my 718 AP2's going straight in the bag.

  3. MB

    I just got mine today. Pretty pumped
  4. michael k

    Ha ha you are so right the CB are just so good - very very good.
    When you first look at the club - you think - yes nice clean - but quite small.
    Then you hit them - WOW. That sound and that feel of the face.
    Now here's the killer - hit off line - hardly ever - grouping so tight - which surprised me the most.
    You are going to have real fun ha ha
  5. Myles B

    The CB's are fantastic clubs. I have the 714CB irons and love them. But they shouldn't be any longer than the AP2's as they are built with the same specs. The AP1's and AP3's are stronger irons and would definitely play longer than the CBs.
  6. Chris M

    looking forward to get fit on the CB soon

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