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3 wood and hybrid upgrade


Have played the 980 3 wood for close to 10 years now and finally made the decision to go ahead and upgrade this week to the 915F.

This came after I demoed the 816H1 hybrid Saturday and fell in love with it after a few swings on the range and on the course. Needless to say I had to go ahead and upgrade my 910H as well. Both should be in tomorrow, hopefully in time for my afternoon round.

I usually wait til the new lines come out so I can buy last years models on sale, would love to have the latest technology but just doesnt fit the budget.

None the less, very excited to put these in the bag with the 716 AP1's I got a few months back!

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  1. Chuck Z

    Technology has changed a bit hasn't it. The new clubs are awesome. I just hit the 818 hybrids and I may add one to my bag. I currently play the 816h1s. Think of replacing my five iron for a 27* new hybrid. We go to my reliable fitter and see what he thinks and the results on Trackman. Am in no hurry.

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