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putty b

Do you think it is possible for Titleist to make A hybrid of about 14 or 15° to take place of a Threewood?

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  1. 19hole

    I think the best you could do would be to get an 818H2 in 17° and set it 1° strong.
  2. Don O

    Possible? Or probable? Not likely. Most pro's are comfortable using 13.5-15 degree fairway metals. Even at 18-19 degrees some will carry a 5W over a hybrid. If/when there is a market, it would happen. At that loft, regardless of design, many golfers don't have enough head speed to launch a 3W, and a hybrid would have an even shorter shaft that would also scrub head speed. Also why all the Titleist iron designs don't offer a 2 iron. Not enough market.
  3. Jeff K

    Titleist of 2 irons in both the CB and T-MB range but the T-MB 2 iron seems to be the most popular for players who carry a 2 iron. Justin Thomas had his bend 1 deg stronger to be more like a 1 iron.

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