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Mark Q

Had a lesson today. Went real well, coming back after a 7 year layoff, just a couple of small tweaks to get me back to my former scratch self with my old 762s The big mistake I made was to utter " Do you have a 718 AP-3 I can try? He put a 7 iron in my hands. Boring down range straight 175 yards, shot after shot. 5 iron, 195 nothing but penetrating sweetness. My contention prior was that there is no way I can justify 200.00 dollars a piece would be worth a difference. My question now is, how am I going to get 2000.00 for new clubs passed my wife.

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  1. Don O

    There are 3 approaches, short of buying your wife really nice diamond earrings or taking her to Hawaii. Many pro shops will negotiate for a lower price than $200 a piece, especially if you are a regular golfer there and they know you. Possibly even lower than a large retailer might charge. Secondly, the pricing is per club and the AP3 just came out. You can buy 2 every 3 months at about the same price (this may cause additional shipping charges) and still complete the set within the same release cycle. Finally, ask for your gifts to come from Santa Titleist to get some added support to complete the project before the end of the next golf season.
  2. Rick D

    I switched my entire bag out in one season. Used pro shop credits from league and event winnings. Sold old clubs on Ebay. The only club I paid outright for was the driver. I'm playing the 714 AP2's now. At 59 I'm leaking a little distance. Reading people's reviews of the AP3 have me thinking, a lot! Early season I'll need to do some testing and see if I might just have to set a rather aggressive goal for 2018, to win enough to order a new set of AP3's, or not.
  3. Mark Q

    We measured the fitted 10 year old Sasquatch that was in my bag. Don't know all he was looking at, swing speed, spin rate, and what he said was the most important smash factor. Told me not to let anyone talk me into another driver, the smash factor was right at the legal limit, whatever that means.
    So I don't have to do anything with metals.
  4. Scott Golightly

    I ordered AP2's and a AP3 5 iron (custom from factory obviously, but through for $160 a piece. And no tax. Just in case you're looking for a better option and already know your fitment specs.

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