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Titleist C16 Irons

Deroen P

I just got fitted for the C16 Irons. Can anyone tell me what to expect with these irons?

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  1. Jeff K

    Mine are on order but when I got fited I noticed they were much longer and had a higher launch angle than both the AP2 and AP3. The extra length was not just due to the loft.
  2. 19hole

    A very large price tag!
  3. Jeff K

    Depends on where you live. In Australia the price for 718's are much more expensive than 716's but the C16's price didn't go up, so the difference wasn't as large. From memory I think the 716 AP2's were A$169 whereas the 718 AP2's are A$249. C16's are A$515 and the price didn't go up when the 718 were released.

    They are a great club too. I was interested in them when I went to my fitting day but they only come with 2 shaft options. Luckily for my the shaft that suited me best on the AP2's was one of the C16 shafts. I tried about 8 shafts I think. I hit the C16's further and with a higher launch angle. They were more consistent as well.

    I'm currently playing 822OS from 2002, so I keep my clubs for a long time, probably way too long, so for me the extra money was justified.
  4. Deroen P

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the extra distance has nothing to do with the loft because my TM M2's has a lower loft and they still are at least 10 yards longer with a much softer feel.
  5. Paul C

    What you saw during your fitting is what you'll get. Easy to launch high and hit straight, consistent distance and very forgiving. I've got new 718 AP1's sitting against the wall in my rec room and can't force myself to take the C16 out of the bag long enough to give them a test run. You will not be disappointed.

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