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AP3 Findings

Scott Golightly

Hey folks,

I got my 6-9 718 AP2's, and added an AP3 5-iron to play with and see if it would work in place of a hybrid (spoiler... days are looking dark for the 5 hybrid). One note: I had the 5-iron made 2 degrees weak. It is only a 3 degree spread from the 5-iron the AP2 6-iron, as opposed to the 4 degree spread between each of the AP2's and subsequent wedges, but I've found that the yardage gapping is actually perfect.

My hypothesis was that people were saying that the AP3's added a good couple yards so I wanted to make sure my yardage gaps stayed at what I was used to. Conclusion: the hypothesis holds up better than expected, and yardages look good.

Just wanted to post this in case anyone was thinking about an AP2-AP3 mixed bag.

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  1. Joel L

    I picked up the demo 718 AP3s in my club house on Sunday. I am playing the 4,5,6 718 AP3 with my 716 AP2s 7-PW. I picked up almost a full club with the AP3s with much better ball flight(higher). I struggled all year with my long irons, especially on par 3 tee shots. On the practice range, I was drawing the ball since the AP3s are not my setup of 1 degree flat. On the course, I hit them straight.

    Today on the range, I began to noticed I was setting up with the club face slightly open and left it out the right. Quick adjustment put me back online. I guess the AP3s visually look close to my AP2s but just need to adjust.

    I told my club pro he will not be getting these back anytime soon. FYI, I am also trying the new Even Flow Project X shafts in my 917D2. Hit 12 of 14 fairways first time out, other 2 only off a yard left or right. Much better feel than my Diamana White D+.

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