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718 ap1

Matt C

I couldn't be happier with my new 718 ap1 irons. I am planning to hit the hybrids and maybe add to my new set. Any feedback from the course on the new hybrids?

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  1. Don O

    Hitting The Straits this weekend with an 816 25-27 and an 818 23-24. Will repost after that. The biggest difference was the fitting was smoother being able to adjust the weight bias. The 818 also fills in the slot - less cleaning! With a Tensi Red shaft it replaces an 816 for a little more launch and less run out on greens. The numbers worked at the fitting, now to see if I can save a couple of shots where I would expect the 816 to go through the green. The 816s were excellent iron replacements and I expect nothing less of the 818.
  2. David

    I agree the new ap1s are great, I hadn't bought a new set of irons in 10 years and its shocking how good my new titleist irons are. I'm thinking of getting the 818 h2 to replace my TM hybrid so I'll be curious for others results with the new hybrids. Enjoy your ap1s in the meantime!

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