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New AP-3s in my bag

Mark Q

I finally sprung and retired my 762-DCIs and hit my new AP-3s on the course today. I am beyond impressed. They are long, really long. Easy to work, and very forgiving. 175 yd-7, 195-5, 210-4. Consistently. And at 64 years old. The issue is they are so long I need some more gap wedges to fill in from 135 or so. The length is more than the loft difference, I don't know or care why the technology works, Thank you Titleist

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  1. Jim L

    picked mine up today, can't wait hit them!!
  2. Doug E

    Which shafts did you get in them?
  3. John O

    I retired my old clubs for the AP3 also. I don't have your length, but it is respectful. With both knees replaced and one hip replaced I don't have the flexibility. Also, I'm 68.
    I do love the AP3's. I no longer pull the ball due to the newer shafts, etc.
    Good golfing with your AP3's - I agree with you that they are a great set of irons.
  4. Rob V

    I'm with you, Mark. I recently bought a set of AP3 irons and were able to play them for the first time this past Saturday. Not only were the irons consistently about 10-15 yards longer, they are without question, the easiest irons I have ever hit. I also really like the loft of the ball off of the irons. I am really going to enjoy getting these irons dialed in.
  5. DKiger

    I just ordered the AP3s with the I80 steel fiber regular flex shafts yesterday after hitting them a few weeks ago at a Titleist event. I did not get to hit this shaft as no one has it in their fitting cart, but I did hit the Kuro Kage 85 gram in stiff flex. I was seeing a club longer than my current 690CBs with S300 shafts and at 62 years I know I need regular flex. Sounds like you are seeing some of the same results I saw at the fitting. I really can't wait for them to arrive to see the on course performance.
  6. Ricky S

    I am 62 and have a handicap of 14 and looking at getting new 718 irons but not sure tha I'm good enough to get AP3. Only hit my 7 Iron right at 135 yards.

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