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917 Fairway Wood

Thomas H

I am in the market for a 917 F2 fairway wood to complete my set but am unsure of which loft to get. I have a 21 degree H1 hybrid and would like to get something that I can hit slightly farther so I can primarily use my hybrid as a rescue club. Is a 15 degree 3 wood ideal to what I am looking for as my longest hitting club in the bag? Which loft would be best?

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    15 does sound good or maybe look at 16.5 loft that will give you a higher launch and for some people (depending on SS) can hit it further

    if you are going to keep your 15 degree 3 wood, I would suggest the 18 degree 917 F2 fairway wood.

  3. Daniel R

    15 Degree should be fine. Myself I dont carry a hybrid, prefer to go 3, 5 and then 4i. However you should be good with that
  4. Quintin H

    My fairways are 904f, hybrids are 585h, so mines a bit older than yours.

    I will carry 17*f and 17*h, the f I hit a little farther. If I carry the 15 and 19f's
    then I don't carry the 17*h.

    In all configurations I carry a 21h.

    With the shaft length differences you should always hit a 21*f a little farther than a 21*h.

    For a good gapping I'd say 19*f would be best, I wouldn't go lower than 17*
  5. Chuck Z

    My suggestion would be to go see a fitter and get professionally dialed in. You never mentioned distances. I got fitted for my entire set: 917D 11.25* (235+), 917f 15.00* (210), 816h1 17.00* (195), 816h1 21.00*(180), 716ap2 5i (170)-w52, sm6 56.10, all based on yardage. I do not hit the ball as far any more, but I can count on my set up. Just turned 71 in September. When I pull my clubs out I am going to be pretty close to those numbers +/-.
  6. augusto r

    I’ll go for 3 wood and 5 wood
  7. Peter M

    Similar question was posted by Quinn... here I put the simple part of the answer...
    Practically every good golfer has a 15deg 3w. (do not forget you can adjust it up and down). If you decide not to have 15deg 3w, then you MUST know why.

    Either you can't handle it (then buy a loft/club you can handle); or you are very long like Dustin Johnson and 17deg wood is enough for any long par 5; or 13deg 3w happens to be your favourite club like Henrik Stenson...

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