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Driver models

Dwayne N

Well, I thought I knew what models of 917 drivers there were But. Today was cruising Edwin watts website and ran across this..........917 D2 Maximum Speed driver which I had never heard of. They have D2, D3, D2 women's and then this D2 maximum speed driver. Guess my question is this, is there are new variation or is this an Edwin Watts marketing gimmick?

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    I have never heard of it nor is it on the website - can you take a picture?
  2. Stretch

    917 Max Speed is a standard 917 D2 driver configured at a 45.5 inches, ¾ of a degree strong (D1 SureFit hosel setting) with the SureFit CG weight in the draw position. By utilizing the Surefit Hosel and Surefit CG, the 917 D2 driver is built for increasing your ball speed by at least 2-3 miles per hour in the stock configuration compared to the stock 917 driver.
  3. jeff l It sure does say that lol
  4. Dwayne N

    Thanks Jeffrey H, I knew that something was up just didn't know what
  5. Don O

    To complete the quote from Jeffrey H by reading the link from Jeff I, it ends in "...recommend getting fit by our professional fitters for best performance.". So, any 917 D2 fit to you will be your maximum performance, not necessarily the off the rack option on the web page (less than 10% probability it will be the one for you).

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