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Fairway wood help !

Quinn J

From long irons to my empty fairway wood spot it goes: 27 degree 5-iron , 21 degree hybrid and then driver. I’m a fairly long hitter. I carry my hybrid between 215-230. But on par 5s when I have 260 to the green I cannot get home ! What loft should I get on a 917 wood ? Thanks TT

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  1. Jack H


    I would recommend getting a 15*. I also have a 21* hybrid that carries similar numbers and I have the 915F 15* and love it. It’s a great club and fits perfectly for me. It’s a great 250-260 club. Hope you enjoy going for the par 5s in two with your 3-wood.

  2. Peter M

    First, no one can really guarantee you which loft would get you to 260, even if you would added you driver parameters. Simply you need to test a bit.
    Second, good is that all woods can be set up -0,75 +1,5 deg, so there is a margin for error.
    Third, from your 21 hybrid, one could guess that even 16,5deg could be fine for you, if you find a right shaft.
    Anyway, if you are better than bogey golfer and confident with driver, I would recommend buying the standard 3 wood of 15deg. You can set it up also as 16.5 (if you want to be shorter, or need help to get ball more airborne). Basically nearly all good golfers have standard 3w, as they want to have option to max out from fairway. Diverse bags happen mostly between 3w and 6i.

    Or apply reverse logic. If you are going to buy anything else as 15deg 3w, then you need to be very certain what and why you are doing it (e.g. you can't handle 15deg; or like Dustin Johnson - you are so long that a 17deg is plenty enough even for long par 5s).
  3. Don O

    Always hard to answer with anything other than free advice, and possibly worth as much. With F3's at 13.5-15, and F2's at 15-16.5 ( &18 & 21), not to mention all the shaft options, buying new you should get fit to get the most out of your investment and to fit it between the H and the D. Or to at least get it tuned to your distance need.
  4. AMoss

    I have a 3 wood but never use it! So when I got fitted, I asked for a setup to do away with it. My 3 iron goes 215-225, and I love it, but wanted something to go 250 off the tee when driver is not the play. I ended up with a 19• 818H1 with evenflow blue shaft that goes 250!! That’s way better than I ever expected and now don’t have to bother with an inconsistent 3 wood. My setup is now perfect. All thanks to custom fitting.
    Go get fitted and see what they can do for you, so worth the time
  5. Kenneth C

    You could try a 16.5 fw, but, it is worth demo-ing a few to see what works for you. On paper, it may sound great, but, on the course, it could be a different story. It sounds like you have the club head speed to handle lower lofted fw's, but, you might want to give up a few yards for more control, and, softer landings.
  6. Sam R

    Most 3 woods are 15 degrees as standard anyway aren't they?

    I'd just get yourself on a launch monitor and have a play with the loft settings until you find something that fills the gaps/gives you the yardage you want.

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