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Titleist 503 . H 19 degree driving iron

John Strachan

Hi Fellow golfers thinking of getting a driving iron and seen a 503.H 19 degree anyone got one of these of had one with any advice to be given on good or bad

thanks in advance

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  1. Don O

    It's a 2005 model. I won't expect much response. It does compare in shape to the 712 driving irons. You can check online reviews like this -
    For some history. Today's T-MBs would be the closest replacements. Other than a reasonable price point, it won't otherwise compare to current models for ease of use.
  2. Mads

    Hi John - I have been using this club since 2006. I really like it. I got the 19 degrees with stiff adila sharft and the 22 degrees with stiff true temper. I find these clubs very versatile. I use both as driving irons. They have replaced my 3 iron, my fairway wood and only optionally play my traditional hybrid 17 degrees. I can play them high, low, left and right. I am playing my irons very well - always have - I get in the summer a good 240 - 250 yards of the tee and 220 - 225 of the deck from the 19 degree. Which is great. I my eyes definitely worth a look and try.

    Good luck

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