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Titleist Complimentary Loft & Lie Check?


What's up everyone.

So I know Titleist does a complimentary loft and lie check once a year, but is that only once a year per person and that's it? Or is it once a year per Titleist set? Meaning I sent in my 716 AP2's early this year, but am I able to send in a different set this year for a loft and lie check like my new 718 AP2's before the year's end?

If not, does anyone know the cost of a loft and lie check by Titleist?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi, If your set is a custom set tagged for your name, we will do one free loft and lie check in the first year of ownership. Your pro shop will be able to give you pricing for checks beyond that time frame.
  2. AWells

    OK this raises a question for me. I just purchased my 718 AP2's 5-PW, and i was fit for them by Kathy Stecyk her at the regional fitting center. But alas my clubs are AMT tour white shafts,stock length, stock lie and grip etc.. I have registered them here as well.
    So do i need to get my clubs checked each year? Or is it just a good idea to do? or is it just something for those that get theirs bent etc?
    Thanks for any info..
  3. Don O

    In part depends on how much and how you use them. Custom bending is not the only reason. The forged heads have to be in tolerance, but Titleist does check and correct to either factory or custom settings. After the first year, you could elect to get them checked when you change grips at a local shop. If you notice your 9I is now no longer than your P, then that could be a factor. Or your 7I is no longer as accurate as your 6I.
  4. rymail00

    So it seems its a 1 time free check within the 1st year. But what about after that? I live in a very, small town. We have a Dicks Sporting Goods but its mostly just out of high school kids doing it as a part time job. Nothing against DSG or their employees but I'd rather have a real, qualified person checking and setting lofts and lies back to my normal specs if needed. Also if DSG cracks or breaks the hosels I'm screwed and buying a new replacement iron.

    So after 1 year can I pay to send them in to Titleist for a checkup? I'm sure I'd more than likely have to go through a distributor, and pay for the shipping, and for the work itself, but because of where I live I'm fine with that if it gives me piece of mind that it'd be done correctly.
  5. Sam R

    I had intended to get mine checked by the pro I have lessons with as he does a lot of custom fittings (for various brands) and has all the equipment need to check loft and lie. I completely forgot to get it done at the start of last season, so if I don't upgrade my AP2 714's to the new AP2's i'll definitely have it done this year.

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