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Titleist CB Irons


Hi And Thanks For All The Brilliant Info Team Titleist. Just A Quick Question. I Currently Play Titleist 710 Cb Irons And Titleist 716 Ap2.Im Going To Get Fitted Not before long with my club pro At Titleist And Wondered If I Will Notice A Significant Difference Between The 710CB vs 718CB in Terms Of Forgiveness With The Introduction Of Tungsten Weighting. If So Would The 718CB Model Be Closer To The 714 AP2. Thanks

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  1. Steve T

    You should notice a significant difference. Beginning with the 716 CB there was the introduction of tungsten in the heal and toe. The 718s continued that adding more tungsten and moving it further to the perimeter. I have been playing the 714 AP2s since they cam out and just went to the 718 CBs. For me at least they are as forgiving as the 71 AP2 while looking and feeling better. You should at least give them a try.
  2. Tim H

    I sent fromage AP2 710's to 716CB's. M'y 716CB's Abe just as forgiving.

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