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Wedge loft

Mike c

What is the loft for AP1 P-wedge and W-wedge. I just pick one and guess.

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  1. Robert L

    Click on "clubs" above AP1 then there you have it!
  2. Sam K

    Hey Mike!

    716 AP1
    P 43 W 47

    718 AP1
    P 43 W 48
  3. Dale V

    Mike, You can see info on all lofts for all models by looking up the details under the "Clubs" link at the top of the website. AP1 pitching wedge is 43 and gap wedge is 48.
  4. Tyler H

    The PW will be 43 degrees and the W will be 48 degrees in the 718 AP1.


    43 degrees for the P-Wedge and 48 degrees for the W-Wedge.

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