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Quick Poll: How often do you replace your irons?

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist! 

I finally went to get fit for a set of Titleist 718 irons last weekend and was thinking about how often I should be replacing my irons. The last time I went for a fitting was about two years ago - so I'm on track to update every two years. In our latest quick poll, we want to know, how often do you replace your irons? 

Let us know in the comments below how you determine when it's time to put in a new set and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


Team Titleist Staff 

41 Replies

  1. Andrew K

    I'm going on 12 years with my current set. I would love a new set, but life tends to change on you a little. I'm hoping to have a new one in a few years.
  2. Gary L

    Every 4 years.
  3. Steve R

    On 714's now, 710's before that, so that means I am ready for 718's. Maybe this spring.
    Good luck on your soon to be new set Abby!
  4. Sam K

    I intend to use my AP3's for at least 4-6 years. A lot will depend on what Titleist comes up with for the next release. Congrats on your new set!
  5. Keith M

    I'm at 5 years on my irons, have a set of 712s. Going to get fitted again in the spring.
  6. JAM

    I play over fifty rounds per season and no practice tee time. I wait for significant improvement in club design before I purchase a new set. I must admit I am tempted every two years when Titleist issues new clubs!
  7. Dale V

    DCI to AP1 to Brand X and back to 718 T-MB over the last 30 years. Change more often now that age is slowing me down, mainly due to loss in distance.
  8. Tyler H

    I go through a fitting every new iron cycle for Titleist. Usually, find a reason to upgrade and then pass the old set down to friends kids or juniors at the club.


    I'm at 18 years. hopefully soon i'll get a new set. :)
  10. Brian F

    I played TM's for about 8 years and then I purchased, and definitely upgraded to the 716's last year, so I will definitely wait at least another 4 years. As I age I will definitely get fitted again and hopefully be on the look out for 720's. As long as the 716's are working for my game, then there is no need to purchase new irons.
  11. Craig D

    No set time, has just worked out recently to 4 years from 714 AP2's to 718 AP2's. New technology is nice, but IMO, the second iteration of new technology, like a new car model redesign, is typically a bit better.
  12. pulplvr

    Until I switched to Titleist irons with the 712 AP-2's, I replaced my irons when I found something new that felt better, or I had to replace a set because of broken, bent, or marred clubs. I upgraded to the 716 AP-2's after finding that I got far better performance from them than from my 712's. Like, Tyler, I usually go through a fitting with each new iteration of the irons, but only buy when I find a definite improvement that justifies the expense. Right now, that seems to be four years, so my next set will be 720's
  13. Chuck Z

    Normally every other year but lately have been going with the cycles. Will be checking with my fitter the first quarter of the new year for a set of AP3s and new SM7s.......normally gut Dale, as I get older (71) looking for that added yardage, and let's not forget that all important accuracy......Titleist has it all.. =)

    What did you decide on, Ms Abby?
  14. Dr. Kovatchian

    I change every 4-5 years.
    In all honesty the technology does not change too much from cycle to cycle.

    Dr. K
  15. Tom B

    Got 714's now, and still happy with them, but always ready for something better when Titleist comes out with that which is worthwhile, and depending on how much has been won in the pro shop that year to "ease" the price. Good Luck Abby, and now just get a trip to be able to use them when they come in outside of the glorious New England weather coming for the next 8 months!
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