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driver shaft

kevin m

HI there I am a retired Golf Professional 66 years old still a fairly good player play to a 1 or 2 hdcp.. I want to get the new 917 D3 driver but want to make sure I get the right shaft custom or not.. I only drive the ball 220 to 240, my 7 iron is 150.. What do you recommend for me as a shaft Thanks

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  1. Barry B

    With nothing but your distances to rely on it's pretty tough to recommend a shaft. My best recommendation is to go to a qualified Titleist fitter and go through the fitting process to get the correct shaft for your swing. Along with that, I always suggest that people should use the resources available on the Titleist's website to do some research in advance of a fitting session. Check out the Custom Options booklet and the Shaft Performance guide.

    These two tools allow you to see every available shaft with their specs and also to compare multiple shafts to see how they stack up against each other.
  2. Dale V

    Hey Kevin. 917's are great clubs. There are so many shaft and loft combinations that my suggestion would be to look for a local fitter. The Titleist Thursdays are great opportunities to dial in your needs with visual conformation and TrackMan data. This website has links so you can find the closest one to your home. Even better, no charge!
  3. Denny W

    I am not a Professional but 79 years old I was fitted for the 1917 driver d2 by a Titleist fitter I hit my Driver 215-230 yds they put me in a Reg flex shaft my speed index was 82 later on I put a Senior shaft in my Driver and picked up about 5-10 yards
  4. Chuck Z

    With respect, bottom line, go see a certified fitter. We all are different and swing differently. You will be happy with the results. Cheers, Chuck............
  5. Steve S

    Kevin... listen to Barry and Dale. Not only will you get the right shaft but you will learn about swing and have fun. Enjoy the process.
  6. Don O

    Can’t agree more on a fitting. Without knowledge of how you load the shaft on transition and your angle of attack any recommendation would be a guess. The Rogue shafts would be a good starting point and go from there.

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