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Vokey wedges

Laurence G

I recently got my new ap1’s along with my mid size cart bag, thrilled with both, so well on the way to having the full set of Titleist gear, just wondering when the sm7 wedges are available?? And also how do I go about getting my Team Titleist badge for my bag?? Thanks for your help!!

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  1. Sam K

    Congrats! SM7 will likely release in March. If you stay active with TT, you may end up with a surprise in your mail box. There is no sure method for obtaining one, other than staying active, it is at TT leadership discretion. Nice looking setup! We are on the same journey! I am excited to have an exclusively Titleist bag. From glove to umbrella. haha.
  2. augusto r

    Sweet and congrats sm7 should arrive next year spring,just participate and you’ll be surprise what’s in the mailbox
  3. Rob V

    Welcome to TT and to Titleist equipment. I have been on the same journey as you and can happily say that I now have a full set of Titleist clubs. My last edition to the set is a Scotty Cameron 6m putter. A great way to round out the set. Thanks titleist.
  4. RMischker

    Looking to replace my tag, but they are out of stock. If I get another one, I will use tape to keep it in place
  5. JKissoon

    Nice setup. I also have a similar looking setup.

    I recently bought a 917D2 but in my bag I have 716 AP2, 915F, 816H, 915H, SM5 wedges, and a Scotty Cameron Newport 2. The bag is pretty heavy though. its the 10" staff bag. I can't walk with it but it does fit well on my push cart.
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  6. Chris B

    are you replacing your pitching wedge with a vokey? I have done it and really like the versatility of the vokey.
  7. Laurence G

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and opinions, really appreciated, will definitely try to get more involved with different conversations about Titleist as I’m still pretty knew to all this, thanks again guys

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