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718 ap2 vs 714 ap2

nate l

I love my current ap2s (714), but was seeing if anyone has moved from the 714 to the 718's? How much better are they?

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  1. Dino J

    Hi Nate ... I currently have the 714 AP2's in my bag and have since 2014. I have been thinking about moving to a new set of irons and have been pondering the MB's (with TMB's in the longer irons 3-5).

    I looked (briefly) at the 716 AP2's, but I really did not like them at all (their physical appearance simply did not appeal to me and did not "suit my eye").

    Now the 718 AP2's look like an entirely new "kettle of fish" so to speak. It has started to rekindle my interest in replacing my irons so like you, I am going to go through this "process" again, but I think it just might lead me to taking things to the next step and purchase a new set!

    I look forward to hearing what you decide to do!
  2. Craig D

    I just made the change last month after going to a Titleist Thursdays event in my area in September. I had been playing 714 AP2s for the last few years and the 712 AP2s before that. I had a chance to try both the 718 AP2s and AP3s along with my existing irons so it was a direct comparison not only in numbers but how they felt in my hands. I did not make the change right on the spot. Feel of the 718 AP2s were much the same as my 714s, although in my opinion, the 714s felt a bit "softer" at that fitting likely because of the shaft more than the club. There is a small increase for me in distance with the 718s which was not my reason for making the decision, but collectively after looking at all the data and recall of the feel, I opted to order the 718 AP2s with the same shaft as in my 714s (KBS C Taper lite) which ironically I did not hit with the 718 AP2s at the fitting. I am pleased with making the move, which was not something done lightly given the costs.
  3. nate l

    appreciate the feedback! its an exciting year to be on #TeamTitleist with the new 718 line out. It has been harder and harder to be a Titleist Loyalist with the new balls/equipment coming out. I feel this year they have made great strides in communicating with their customers. My fitting came down to miz MP-18 and the Titleist 718 ap2's. I got a little more distance and tighter circle with the 718 ap2's but the miz just felt awesome. taking them on course tom to see which I like better. I am almost sure it will be the ap2 especially with this line rekindling my passion for Titleist. I just hope they keep it up!

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